Sunday, May 2, 2010

Some Things I cannot do as a Christian - When God says NO!

As a Christian, there are certain things that I cannot do. These are things that others may be allowed or able to do, but the Grace of God upon me prevents me from doing these things:

First is the Obvious - As a Christian I cannot:

1) Sell any alcoholic drink - I cannot partake in the creation, distribution or sale or use of any alcoholic drinks (beer, wine liquor, whiskey, ect). This means I cannot work in a convenience store in any city where alcoholic beverages are sold. I have taken a vow to the Lord. As Jesus said at the Last supper he would not taste of the fruit of the vine until he drinks it anew with his apolstles in the coming Kingdom of God. Good enough for me as well. I will not drink any alcoholic drink - including wine, until I sit at the Lord's table and he serves me in the Kingdom of God.

2) Sell any pornographic material. This means I cannot work in any store that sells pornographic books or magazines or any other media. That means I cannot work in a common bookstore like Barnes and Noble or Books a Million. Also this means I cannot work in any convenience store that sells pornographic magazines.

So those are the obvious restrictions that the Grace of God has placed on me in regard to where I can and cannot work and what I can and cannot sell.

However there are a few things that might surprise you that I cannot do as well:

I am married therefore I am restrained by the Grace of God from having physical sexual relations with another woman. I know that people and Christians do it all the time, but I cannot. However, I can imagine a situation where it may occur, but I belive that the Grace of God keeps me from those situations. I am restrained by Grace.

Also, I am not allowed to have an Apple iTouch.
I had a plan.
When my Blackberry curve 2 year cell phone contract expires in 2011, I was going to go with a simple Track Phone and and iTouch on WiFi. The Track phone would be just a phone, and the iTouch would do everything else that my current smartphone does.
However, I am constrained by Grace.
I cannot have an iTouch or iPhone or any other Apple technological product. Why? Well, I guess its because I see Apple as EVIL. From the first kits that Apple sold mail order for $666.66 - their origional computer (I know that the 2 Steve's started this business in their garage). The symbol for Apple is the Apple from the garden of Eden with a bite taken out of it - the symbol of the Origional Sin of disobedience against God which caused Jesus to have to live among us - die on the cross - be raised from the dead - and redeem a lost and dying mankind from the ravages of sin. The line drawings of the Apple have been Eve giving Adam the fruit (presumably and Apple) in the garden of Eden. Glorifying disobedience and rebellion against God. I know all this, I've seen it and lived through it. So, God will NOT allow me to have an Apple technological product.
I tried.
My son has an iTouch and I used his for awhile- he was going to give it to me, but then my wife developed moderate to severe pancreas attacks and I had to give it back.
However I thought if I buy one myself I would be allowed to keep it. So, I went to eBay and bought a new one. However when I received it I discovered my mistake. My wife became sick again and I had to loan it to a friend at work.
How do I know that the Lord does not want me to have or do something?
I know when things go wrong.
I loose the Blessing of the Lord on myself, my work, my family.

When God says NO, he means it!
The Israelites had to wait 40 years in the desert because of their lack of faith in God as their protector against the people of Cannan. There was no repentence on the part of the Lord. That entire generation had to die in the wilderness and not until a new generation had grown up could the nation of Israel cross the Jordan River and begin the occupancy of Cannan.
Not long after that an act of disobedience on the part of Achan caused 36 men to die and 3000 to flee before the people of Ai. The nation mourned and their hearts melted as water. All day they fasted and prayed and at evening God told Joshua to get up - because the people had sinned in taking the accursed thing in a previous battle against the Lord's strict orders. Achan had to be found out by lot and killed before the people of Israel could go on.
It's the same in the life of every Christian. The Accursed thing must be destroyed out of our lives before the Lord will continue on with us on the Road to Christian growth and fellowship.
So, God has allowed me to have many things that I enjoy - a computer, PSP, DS, Blackberry curve smartphone. These things are allowed, but an iTouch is not allowed.
And no touchy of any other woman than my wife as well.

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