Tuesday, September 29, 2009

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Monday, September 28, 2009

The Popularity of the New King James Version

It seems that the New King James Version of the Bible is very popular in many churches and with alot of people. It's advertised as replacing he "Thees and Thous" and archaic words of the King James Authorized Version. However, it goes beyond the simple Thees and Thous. Hell, for example is a reference to the Valley of the sons on Hinnom. It was in this place while the Israelites were taken into captivity that human sacrifices were made and so when the Jews returned they made it a DUMP or Refuse Heap. All the litter and waste of Israel was dumped into the Valley of the sons of Hinnom. It is referred to in the Greek as Gehenna. The NKJV translates Hell into Gehenna. Can you imagine what would have happened if the NKJV preceeded the KVJ Bible? We would be saying
"Go to Gehenna!" or "What the Gehenna is going on here?" or "Gehenna's Bells!" It would certainly change language a bit. However, even more disturbing is the fact that the Old Testament manuscript differs from the KJV Old Testament document, and it has changes in it. Compare Zechariah 13:6 between the various translations. Some say hands (KJV) some say Chest, some say between your arms (NKJV) some even say back. Quite a difference there between the translations! everything but legs. This should be a reference to the nail pierced hands of Jesus from the cross, but NKJV says between your arms! Quite a difference indeed! So, even though the NKJV is popular I ask, is it trustworthy? Is the HCSB, or NIV, or NASV, or NIV or TNIV, or RSV, or NRSV, or The Message, or the Net or any one of dozens of others trustworthy? This is a question we must ask ourselves and ask God. Which does God's Holy Spirit prefer? Which is the English translation God's Spirit has used and uses the most for all English speaking people. Yes the NKJV may be popular, but is it reliable?

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Some thoughts on New Bible English Translations.

Putting schoarship aside in the area of Bible Translations I would simply ask the question, “Does this translation of God’s Holy Word produce better Christians? Does this translation move the reader closer to Jesus Christ and God the Father? Does it make “our hearts burn within us?” Luke 24:32. To me these are the tests of a Bible translation. Does it move us closer to the God who in whom we “live and move and have our being?” Is the Bible translation saturated with prayer and fasting and thanksgiving? We are talking about the foundation of the Christian faith here, not some tranlation of the Illiad or Odyssey. But I think most scholars approach Bible translation as if it were an intellectual exercise – like translating Homer’s books, rather than the Word of God. I belive that God has the power to Preserve His Word throught the ages, no matter what language the Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek is translated into. So again I ask “Do these modern translations make better Christians than the KJV which has produced Christians for over 400 years? I like the idea of an English translation. I think that the Koine Greek New Testament books and letters were written in the language of the people. The common language of the people. And any modern English translation should be true to the origional texts and intents. I think a modern translation should be as readable as today’s newspaper, yet at the same time avoid crass language (like preganant and sex) and elevate the reader into the very Throne Room of Heaven. We don’t need a McDonalds fast food Bible, but Bible translations that contain the meat of the Word. Does the ESV and HCSB contain the meat of the Word. I have to ask, “Where’s the Beef?” I would be more interested in hearing about the prayer meetings that were held before the translation commitees meetings than about the results of the meetings. I would be more interested in hearding about the conversion experiences and God at work in the daily lives of the translators than about their scholarly achievements and titles. I am hopeful that the HCSB will meet or exceed my expections. I pray that it does, and I will buy the HCSB Second Edition when it is available. I also pray that my comments will be taken to heart by the Bible Translators.