Saturday, April 11, 2009

Another Easter Miracle

It was 1973. Kathy, my wife and I met and were married in the US Navy at Great Lakes, Ill. We were married on September 10th, 1971 - we were both 20 years old. So, now we have been married 37 years and have 3 children and 3 grandchildren. While we were in the Navy Kathy contracted Viral Arthritis in her knees just before Easter of 1973. We lived in Waukegan Illinois in an upstairs "utility" apartment (actually some guys attic he rented out). The stairs going up to the apartment were very steep. Just before Easter Kathy was released from the hospital where she was an inpatient. The doctors said she would never have full range of motion in her knees again due to the Arthritis. I had been saved the previous August at her home in Van Buren Arkansas. So, the night before Easter Sunday I was at the hospital on duty - supernumerary which meant I had to be on base in case someone did not show up or could not take their duty I was to work it for them. At that time I was an EMG Technician - the first in the country actually. Only doctors did the EMG. In fact, I started a new job classification in the Navy - Electroneuromylographic Technician. It did not exist before I went in the Navy. I was in my office and that night a terrible storm was in the area. I prayed that on this Easter Sunday no one would die! I asked God for one day without a death in the world. Then I went to sleep on my exam table.
The next morning I came home and Kathy ran down the stairs and said "I bet you thought that you would never see me do that again!" The Lord had restored her range of motion in her knees. She could climb the stairs and come down them. Although today she still has knee trouble, the Lord healed my wif'e's knees that Easter morning. Praise the Lord. I listened to the news the next hoping not to hear that anyone had died. I guess they did. But, in a round about way the Lord heard and granted my prayer after all.