Sunday, March 29, 2009

Some supernatural events in my life

I became a Christian in August 1971. My wife wanted to see her pastor - Brother Davis and I went along. Instead of her talking with the pastor I knelt down in his office after hearing the 3 great truths - #1 I am a sinner and separated from God. #2 Jesus died for me and #3 Jesus will save me and bring me to God. Now, I was raised a Catholic. My mother and father sent me to Catholic school for 8 years (Holy Name Church and School 5th and Vine in Camden, New Jersey). I had my First Communion and Confirmation. I always used that as an excuse whenever someone would try and tell me I was lost and going to Hell when I died because I was separated from God. I believed in God, always. But He seemed so far away. I tried to be a good Catholic. I went to confession and Mass - sometimes. But the truth was in that pastor's office I thought (in my mind full of pride - "I might as well have all the bases covered"). So, I knelt down and prayed the sinners prayer confessing my sins to God (He already knew everything) and asking Jesus to save me and give me the free gift of Eternal Life. ("By grace are ye saved, through faith and that not of yourselves. It is the gift of God, not of works, lest any man should boast"). I immediately felt a tingling in my head and I knew that something had happened. I had a personal sensory experience. I know that everyone's conversion experience is different - like a snowflake. That was mine. After that the Holy Spirit became my daily companion. He would talk to me. What I remember distinctly was He said, "Now that your sins are fogiven, you are clean inside, what are you going to fill that space up with now? The lies, immorality, anger, pride - all the things that filled my life before , or something else. So, I chose something else. I'm not perfect. I still sin, but when I do I can confess the sin and and have Jesus wash it away with His Blood. ("If we confess our sins He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness")
So, I read Christian related books and went to church. I did not want to miss anything that God had for me.
But i digress. This is supposed to be about some supernatural events in my life so far.
The first event happened while I was going to school at the University of Arkansas. I was playing my guitar and singing "Lord God" a song I wrote and my vision went black and I had a vision of the a face. I know that Bible says that no man has ever seen the face of God at any time and lived. All I can say is I had a vision and saw a face.
The next event happened when I received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. I had a friend who was a Charismatic Catholic and I sought him out and he laid hands on me and prayed and I had a vision after that. Also I had a tingling sensation in my skin that lasted for quite some time.
The next event happened while I was working at City Hospital and Geriatric Center. I was on the Geriatric ward and a Doctor Herbert Boyer whose mind was gone, all he did was lay in bed with a catheter in. The staff told me when he was first admitted that they would ask him to define medical terms and he could tell them, but when I started working there - no conversation was possible.
A little background. God called me to preach. My first church was the Elkins Community Church which I took after Doctor Alexander Best was unable to be their Baptist Preacher. So, I took his place. After Elkins I took a 'vacation' from the church and the Lord. One night I was draining Dr. Boyer's catheter bag to measure his urinary output and he said "Preacher, have you prayed lately?" I confessed to him and to God, "No sir, I have not prayed as I should" That was the only time that Dr. Boyer said anything the entire time I worked at the hospital - over a year. I think God spoke to me through Dr. Boyer. Maybe I'm wrong.
I have some other events to tell about. But I'll save them for another post.
Since no one is following this blog I guess it won't matter when.

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  1. He i believe on your story many time you have mentioned that if your work is not good GOD WILL SENT you in hell but its not like that How you can imagine that your mother or father will sent you in fears and suffers if you do somethging wrong GOD is like our father and mother he will not do this with us even if we do wrng he will love us becoz this life is nothing but only a drem thought of god when you will awaken in him he will show you this truth.